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Medicine Mania

Collaborations and Partners

OWOW Agency, Barbara van Rest


How quickly can you create an accurate medication overview?

Every week, more than 1,200 people are hospitalized in the Netherlands due to medication errors. Almost half of these incidents can be avoided. A better understanding of medication data can prevent many of these admissions.

A recognizable problem for healthcare providers as it takes time to create a complete and up-to-date medication overview for a patient. Making phone calls, faxing, talking to the patient…. It takes a while to be sure that you have an accurate medication overview of a patient.

Einfach created a brand new serious game called MedicineMania offering doctors and pharmacists to create an accurate medication overview for a patient in an interactive and playful way. After selecting a role in the game, the player is given the opportunity to consult multiple sources within an interactive health care environment in order to compile a flawless medication overview. Taking too much time? The patient’s condition deteriorates. The player is challenged to make the right choices within the shortest time. Help will be offered by the Medication Process 9.0 information standard. This serious game clearly shows where the challenges arise in making a correct medication overview and shows the advantages of a clear and up-to-date insight into the actual use of medication by the patient through the new information standard.

In an interactive healthcare environment the player interacts with patients, pharmacists and various systems to collect and arrange data.

Taking too much time? The patient’s condition deteriorates!

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